Our Sit-Down with Iris Dailey

Our Sit-Down with Iris Dailey
You have been rising in the social media ranks, gaining over 1 million followers on Tik Tok based around you, your spirituality and your tips and tricks for a health and wellness lifestyle. Can you give us a background on how this all started for you?

It’s been all very exciting! I’m originally from Idaho and at age 12 I was diagnosed with depression. It was very hard for me to find an identity in Idaho and I knew I had to explore a new place to figure out what I wanted. I saved up working three jobs and had my eyes set on moving to Seattle, but with an unexpected 24hr layover in LA, I fell in love with the energy of the city, the sun, and the beach and knew this was the place!

It was definitely hard finding my groove in LA at the beginning, but I eventually ended up going to hypnotherapy school. I was always interested in spirituality because my grandma was. The school really opened my eyes to a lot of the growing I had to do. I finished and worked at the clinic seeing patients up until the office closed due to the pandemic. And after quitting social media for a year, I decided to go back online and start posting about the topics I cared about. After just 5 months things started to take off and I built a community of over 1 million followers based on what I learned! I truly think it stemmed from the deep passion I have for it and the manifestations I put in place. 


How does it feel to have built a community as strong?

My brain actually can’t wrap its head around 1.2 million humans. I saw a picture of 1 million people the other day and my jaw dropped. It’s still all so strange for me but I couldn’t have a deeper love for the community that’s been built.


What is a typical day like for you?

First, I wake up and mediate. I never skip a mediation — it sets me up for the day as my brain is just chaotic, constantly jumping from one thing to the next and it’s very important for me to take the time in the morning to just pay attention to myself. 

After I’ll reward myself with a coffee and a workout. If I can’t do a workout, I’ll at least stretch and breathe to get more in tune with my body. I believe a lot of issues around not being present or having depression and anxiety comes from us not being present with our bodies so I think it’s important to always stretch and breathe into it. After that, I get to work!


And what does work entail?

Filming, writing guided mediations and hypnosis downloads for my website and of course, content on all platforms. Certain days are dedicated to specific platforms usually as well. 


What are your favorite ways to decompress at night?

I love to take really long showers and baths. I sit there, meditate and process the day. Sometimes I also write poetry or music. I love to process my emotions through writing and turning any extra energy into something creative. Then it’s skincare and bed!

Why is it important for people to pay attention to self-care?

I think taking time for yourself is the most purest form of self-love to give yourself attention. Your soul will always need to be watered. For a long time I wasn’t taking care of myself and in turn, I wasn’t happy. Those little things like mediating or a skincare routine is what charges our batteries. It’s not just important for me, it’s necessary.  



Your style feels very unique to your moods. How do you decide what to wear everyday?

I dress by color. Color psychology and spirituality are definitely linked for me. For example, black is the color of protection and I’ll gravitate towards that when going out with friends or I’ll wear orange when I tap into my more sexual / creative energy such as when I create content.

Comfort is also key for me. I love athleisure — leggings for a workout and joggers or loose pants during the day. My bottom half is buffer and my top half is slimmer so I love to balance out my proportions with a tighter top and looser bottom. It makes me feel the most sexy and attractive. I love having strong legs, my ancestors farmed rice fields in these legs and I love showing that off! I’m proud of it! 

Do you think spirituality and fashion are linked?

Everyone dresses to how they feel their most authentic self. Your authentic self changes everyday so that doesn’t mean you have to wear one style or type of outfit everyday. Especially as women, we’re very fluid. To me, women are like water — that’s why one day you can be in all black and look super sexy and then the next day you want to be in cute joggers and a bun. Whatever feels like my most authentic self in the moment is what I wear. 


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